the beginning

just right now, after five minutes of semi-intense thought, and watching the beginning of into the wild (one of my favorite movies ever, probably because i wish i was alexander supertramp), i’ve decided that i need to write a diary, or journal or whatever, not just the depressing sort you write in high school, but a real sort of journal. i think a lot, and usually i forget my thoughts, because un-organization/messiness is a central pillar of my being. i’ve also decided that tumblr is nothing more than a notepad. tumblr is successful because people think that they are each unique, that their thoughts are worth something (which is true), and because we’re all at least a tiny bit narcissistic.
because i’m too lazy to actually write down my thoughts with pen and paper, and even if i wasn’t too lazy i’d be too messy to find them in the future. i’ll use a super convenient keyboard as my pencil, and tumblr as my notepad. i should have made that decision when i made this, but, really it’s because my girlfriend told me that i should make one.

so, here’s your chance to un-follow my thought blog, if you don’t need anymore of that sort of rubbish on your dash. i’ll post my art, and stuff i make and do and what not, but, this is primarily a thought-blog now. yeahhh(:

 wordy, i know. not as wordy as andre breton though(:

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